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Cloud Computing on the cheap… on the “very-very-cheap”

One of the big positives about cloud computing is reducing costs.  As mentioned in another post, one of the savings is that smaller leaner equipment can be used, such as tablets and very basic PCs;  because the data storage and much of the processing in done in the cloud. I am pleased to report as […]

Death and the Digital Environment.

This may seem a fairly gloomy topic to be writing about, but it is one of the few certainties about our life is that it will eventually end. So it a good idea to think about what will happen when you are no longer here. Your family and friends will know of your parting; and […]

Cloud Computing can reduce your IT costs

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing area, and as their future plans for Office 265 and Office 2013 demonstrate; Microsoft is committed to the cloud.  Office 2013 is being marketed as a cloud product – although the boxed version will also be available. But did you realise that one of the major benefits of using […]

TimePunch – Just What I Needed !

The problem of Time Logging Time management and logging can be a problem for some people. Being a sole trader working largely from a home office, I find that I have constant interruptions with phone calls or urgent emails.  The result is that I frequently have to drop what I am doing, then check out […]

The Price of WiFi

When business people are travelling, they frequently need to keep in touch with their business, and submit reports etc.  In fact some may be required to do so.  Nowadays, with Cloud computing, staying in touch is easy for many businesses.  The options for this are either mobile broadband, which can be slow and expensive or […]

Firefox Scam Revisited

Got an email this morning from Firefox suggesting an upgrade to Firefox 8.0, and was almost taken in.  But on closer inspection I found that it came from .  This is a more sophisticated version of the scam from a month ago: It was quite appealing, especially the message about being ‘optimised for […]

The Format Painter

A little used feature of most Microsoft Office programs is the ‘Format Painter’ If you have a format for a heading or paragraph (Font, size, colour etc.) which you want to repeat in several other places in a document, or even a different document – the format painter makes it much easier. Change the first […]

The Compatibility Button

A little known feature of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is the ‘compatibility button’.  The purpose of this button is to display correctly (as the designer intended) web-pages designed for earlier version of Internet Explorer. The button will be found on the right of the address bar, and look like a piece of torn paper. when […]

Office 365

Office 365 is the latest ‘cloud computing’ service from Microsoft. It includes many of the features of Windows Small Business Server; including Exchange for email, and SharePoint which allows you and your co-workers to share and collaborate on a variety of documents.  It also includes MS Lync (instant messages, video conferencing) to help everyone stay […]

Cloud Computing

A Introductory look at ‘cloud computing’ – what it is, the benefits it offers to businesses, in terms of cost and for those businesses with home workers or mobile workers. But also be aware of the implications