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Cloud Computing can reduce your IT costs

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing area, and as their future plans for Office 265 and Office 2013 demonstrate; Microsoft is committed to the cloud.  Office 2013 is being marketed as a cloud product – although the boxed version will also be available. But did you realise that one of the major benefits of using […]

Firefox Scam Revisited

Got an email this morning from Firefox suggesting an upgrade to Firefox 8.0, and was almost taken in.  But on closer inspection I found that it came from .  This is a more sophisticated version of the scam from a month ago: It was quite appealing, especially the message about being ‘optimised for […]

The Format Painter

A little used feature of most Microsoft Office programs is the ‘Format Painter’ If you have a format for a heading or paragraph (Font, size, colour etc.) which you want to repeat in several other places in a document, or even a different document – the format painter makes it much easier. Change the first […]

The Compatibility Button

A little known feature of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is the ‘compatibility button’.  The purpose of this button is to display correctly (as the designer intended) web-pages designed for earlier version of Internet Explorer. The button will be found on the right of the address bar, and look like a piece of torn paper. when […]

Office 365

Office 365 is the latest ‘cloud computing’ service from Microsoft. It includes many of the features of Windows Small Business Server; including Exchange for email, and SharePoint which allows you and your co-workers to share and collaborate on a variety of documents.  It also includes MS Lync (instant messages, video conferencing) to help everyone stay […]

The Computer Problem Phone Scam

This is a variation on the ‘Phishing email’.  Someone phone up out of the blue and says something along the lines of “I believe that you have a problem with your computer?”  My wife recently took a call from someone purporting to be from “Windows Security”. Then a couple of days back, I made a […]



When your computer is running slow, adding more memory can give it a new lease of life :