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A Driving Licence for the Information Super Highway

When you speak with a car owner (any car owner); they will know the marque and model they own, the engine capacity, whether it is diesel or petrol. They may probably know what mpg they are achieving. However speak with any computer user and ignorance reigns. If they have a problem with something on the […]

Still Endearing

I received this spam email this morning (read and enjoy!)   Subject: Your cognizance is in great necessity  Good Afternoon, We have attained a payment from you for the draft of £ 1378. Please would you secure me with a remittance, in order for me to reconcile the pronouncing. I will be sending you a […]

Data Protection, European Legislation, and Farage

Keeping our data private to reduce the likelihood of identity theft or other crimes, or merely to avoid nuisance phone calls and emails; is something we all take for granted in this country. And most of us welcome it If one books a foreign holiday through an agency here in the UK either in person […]

Why I find Spammers endearing!

It is messages like the one below which endear me to spammers, the language is so wonderfully awful!  I have visions of an enthusiastic cyber-criminal in some far flung corner of the globe, sitting with a biro in one hand and a language dictionary in the other, trying to compose the perfect hoax email.  Read […]