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Spam aimed at Office 365 Users

I had this email through this morning. For about a second, I almost believed it! I know that currently Microsoft are making a number of improvements to Office 365.

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Who the spammers are really targeting!

Today I received a possible court summons to appear as a witness by email.  It claimed to be from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS); but was obviously a spam email – quickly confirmed by the use of the word Subpoena’ more usually called a ‘Summons’ in the UK.  This was confirmed when I hovered over the link “Start Time and Case Details”.This pointed to a PHP file on a Read More →

Still Endearing

I received this spam email this morning (read and enjoy!)

Subject: Your cognizance is in great necessity

 Good Afternoon,

We have attained a payment from you for the draft of £ 1378. Please would you secure me with a remittance, in order for me to reconcile the pronouncing.

I will be sending you a outgiving of outstanding invoices tomorrow, the entire quantum of outstanding is £ 3264 less the 1 sum received making a entire outstanding of £ 1886. We would very much appreciate settlement of this. Read More →

Targeted rather than a Blunderbuss

Localised Spam

In recent days, I have received a couple of examples of what I can only call ‘localised spam’. The first was from an SEO business in Macclesfield but was directed to a personal account rather than my business.
The second was from a Altrincham based IT Support company called ‘Black JJ’ – so quite local to me. What alerted me Read More →

New Tactic from the Spammers

(Or spam that is not so NICE!)

This morning, I received (in my personal mailbox), a different and disturbing form of spam (see below).

This one purports to come from NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) ;includes a cancer scare and the request to open an attachment. Two aspects at least were dead give-aways to me and would be to other knowledgeable people.  Namely NICE don’t deal with individual patients and the email started “Dear <full email address>” as opposed to Read More →

Why I find Spammers endearing!

It is messages like the one below which endear me to spammers, the language is so wonderfully awful!  I have visions of an enthusiastic cyber-criminal in some far flung corner of the globe, sitting with a biro in one hand and a language dictionary in the other, trying to compose the perfect hoax email.  Read on:


Security measures against impairment of the safety information
Leads us to a further improvement of the system soon.
To your account information secure and up to date, we have Intervals verified your identity.
Please go immediately and at the end of this process.
To confirm, please download the attached form by e-mail and fill it.
If this is not completed, we will be forced to suspend your account
We apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you.

All rights reserved. Copyright   2013 PayPal Inc.


This reminds me of previous encounters where things had been “Lost in Translation”; such as the set of instructions translated from Japanese.  Or just as amusing; sitting in a French café looking at the back of the menu where there is information about the establishment in several languages.  One suspects that the proprietor’s daughter had done English at the Lycée, and he employed her to save money.  I particular remember premises being described as ‘Climatised’, when they meant ‘air conditioned’.  The French term of course being ’climatisée’.

The good news I suppose is that as long as the spammers keep on making mistakes we will spot them.

Chain Email

I have not received a chain email for some time, and then one arrived this morning.  It contained a  warning was to watch out for emails form a person called SIMON ASHTON ( SIMON25@HOTMAIL.CO.UK).

A quick Google for ‘Simon25’ revealed that this particular hoax had been circulating for well over 2 years. Read More →

Firefox Update Scam

BE Warned! It appears that the hoaxers are trying a different approach.

I have just had an email purporting to come from Mozilla Firefox and headed “New UpdateAvailable”.  They have never contacted me before, and I was not aware of giving them my email address.

This is the content below – note the bad English “New update arrive”

New update arrive.

Your security is our top priority. Our open source security process means we have an international community of experts working around the clock to monitor the latest threats. As soon as a security threat is discovered, we write a patch and release an update to stay one step ahead. Downloading Firefox updates is a very important part of staying safe online.
Firefox is constantly evolving as our community finds ways to make it better, and as we adjust to the latest security threats. Keeping your Firefox up-to-date is the best way to make sure that you are using the smartest, fastest and . most importantly . safest version of Firefox available. A Firefox update will not make any changes to your bookmarks, saved passwords or other settings. However, there is a possibility that some of your Add-ons won.t be immediately compatible with new updates.
Re-installing Firefox will not affect your settings, bookmarks or preferences in any way.
A Firefox software update is a quick download of small amounts of new code to your existing Firefox browser. These small patches can contain security fixes or other little changes to the browser to ensure that you are using the best version of Firefox available.
Update in a click : firefox-7.0.1

 Obviously, I didn’t follow the link!  It doesn’t send you to  but to the following site: “”

The Alnahla group looks like a valid Saudi Real Estate company, and I suspect they have had their server high-jacked in some way.

“Al nahla” means “The Palm”

Windows Service Centre

The Fraudsters are at it again!

I had a call yesterday from “Windows Service Centre” from a chap with an almost incomprehensible Asian accent.  This was not their first call to me and I  that they were an outfit similar to “Quick Resolve”.  I allowed the conversation to continue and pretended to be ignorant.  Read More →

Parcels Parcels!

The spammers are active again; this time it is the old Parcel Delivery one which first cropped up about 18 months ago. I also referred to them in an earlier post

I have had 2 in recent days; the first purported to come from UPS and took the form: Read More →