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Who the spammers are really targeting!

Today I received a possible court summons to appear as a witness by email.  It claimed to be from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS); but was obviously a spam email – quickly confirmed by the use of the word Subpoena’ more usually called a ‘Summons’ in the UK.  This was confirmed when I hovered over the […]

Still Endearing

I received this spam email this morning (read and enjoy!)   Subject: Your cognizance is in great necessity  Good Afternoon, We have attained a payment from you for the draft of £ 1378. Please would you secure me with a remittance, in order for me to reconcile the pronouncing. I will be sending you a […]

Targeted rather than a Blunderbuss

Localised Spam In recent days, I have received a couple of examples of what I can only call ‘localised spam’. The first was from an SEO business in Macclesfield but was directed to a personal account rather than my business. The second was from a Altrincham based IT Support company called ‘Black JJ’ – so […]

New Tactic from the Spammers

(Or spam that is not so NICE!) This morning, I received (in my personal mailbox), a different and disturbing form of spam (see below). This one purports to come from NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) ;includes a cancer scare and the request to open an attachment. Two aspects at least were dead give-aways to […]

Why I find Spammers endearing!

It is messages like the one below which endear me to spammers, the language is so wonderfully awful!  I have visions of an enthusiastic cyber-criminal in some far flung corner of the globe, sitting with a biro in one hand and a language dictionary in the other, trying to compose the perfect hoax email.  Read […]

Chain Email

I have not received a chain email for some time, and then one arrived this morning.  It contained a  warning was to watch out for emails form a person called SIMON ASHTON ( SIMON25@HOTMAIL.CO.UK). A quick Google for ‘Simon25’ revealed that this particular hoax had been circulating for well over 2 years.

Firefox Update Scam

BE Warned! It appears that the hoaxers are trying a different approach. I have just had an email purporting to come from Mozilla Firefox and headed “New UpdateAvailable”.  They have never contacted me before, and I was not aware of giving them my email address. This is the content below – note the bad English “New […]

Windows Service Centre

The Fraudsters are at it again! I had a call yesterday from “Windows Service Centre” from a chap with an almost incomprehensible Asian accent.  This was not their first call to me and I  that they were an outfit similar to “Quick Resolve”.  I allowed the conversation to continue and pretended to be ignorant. 

Parcels Parcels!

The spammers are active again; this time it is the old Parcel Delivery one which first cropped up about 18 months ago. I also referred to them in an earlier post
I have had 2 in recent days; the first purported to come from UPS and took the form:

Quick Resolve

This is an example of the ‘Phone Scam’ mentioned in another post. Some friends of mine fell for the convincing alert to a problem with their PC, and handed over some money. Why do the banks continue to forward money to these people?