Chain Email

I have not received a chain email for some time, and then one arrived this morning.  It contained a  warning was to watch out for emails form a person called SIMON ASHTON ( SIMON25@HOTMAIL.CO.UK).

A quick Google for ‘Simon25’ revealed that this particular hoax had been circulating for well over 2 years.

As usual this email contained DIRE WARNINGS in capitals and underlined.  The initiators of such hoaxes obviously want the more vulnerable to feel sufficiently worried to forward it to everyone they know.  They claim that the information arrived Direct from both Microsoft and Norton to give it credence.

The problem with these is that apart from annoyance is that everyone’s email address is revealed to recipients of this email, and (because few people tidy before forwarding) all the historic recipient as well, See the graphic on the right. There are masses of them – which I have blurred.

In all probability one of the recipients will have a PC which is infected with a Virus or Trojan and these addresses could well be harvested by spammers.  As this wasn’t sent to  a business email. but to my personal email address of which I am very protective; I am worried that it is now compromised.

In the on-going battle against the B******s that are out there, we all need to watch each other backs, and protect our the privacy of our friends and colleagues.

PS Out of interest I tried a test email to Simon23  (from a safe account) and he doesn’t exist!

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