Cloud Computing can reduce your IT costs

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing area, and as their future plans for Office 265 and Office 2013 demonstrate; Microsoft is committed to the cloud.  Office 2013 is being marketed as a cloud product – although the boxed version will also be available.

But did you realise that one of the major benefits of using cloud computing is better control of your IT costs.

  • The business pays a fixed monthly subscription – which they can increase or decrease to match staff changes.
  • They save money by not having to install, configure and maintain a back room server. This in turn will need replacing every 5 years.
  • With cloud providers offering guaranteed uptime – in the case of Microsoft’s Office 365 this is 99.9% – there is less likely hood of sudden surprises, with bills to match.
  • You can access your data on cheaper leaner devices such as netbooks or tablets.
  • You have reduced IT support costs with the cloud provider handling all maintenance and updates.
  • With no back room server running 24/7 and using smaller machines, one can say that is it also greener

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