Why I have left Facebook

Perhaps it is because I don’t really get it!  Despite having IT skills, or perhaps because of it; I don’t like the way that it seems to have a ‘mind of its own’, and one doesn’t have control.  For instance when posting an item which has a link to a web page, It pulls an image off that page in a random manner, which may be a logo, or a photo not relevant to the item that one is posting about.

What was worse was the constant stream of emails about ‘status updates’ by individuals; or telling me that “Mary was at Felini’s” or wherever.  What was I supposed to do with that information?  Check up on her to see if she was still going out with that ‘nerd’, or pop round and burgle her house?  This of courses raises the privacy issues involved in disclosing ones location.   I got other emails asking me if I knew a whole load of people I had never heard of and might want to have as ‘friends’!

It is this nebulous concept of ‘Friend’ that is the worst thing about Facebook.  In the real world, I have friends and acquaintances in a number of different spheres.  There is Family, neighbours, business associates, fellow Church goers, or members of clubs / organisations.  I cannot think of a single piece of information or an ‘update’ about me which would interest all of them, or I would be happy sharing with such a wide group.  The only exception to this would be my ‘demise’ and I won’t be around to post about that.*

Don’t get me wrong, I use Twitter and LinkedIn and I can understand the benefit of those for marketing etc. 

PS I now learn from an article in Guardian online, that Facebook are avoiding paying UK taxes on business done in the UK.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/oct/10/facebook-uk-taxes another reason not to ‘Like’ them.

 *The topic of ‘demise’ in the digital era is an important one, what happens to your FaceBook account and your online presence in general when you are no longer here. I have covered this in another post  “Death and the Digital Environment”.

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