Office 365

Office 365 is the latest ‘cloud computing’ service from Microsoft. It includes many of the features of Windows Small Business Server; including Exchange for email, and SharePoint which allows you and your co-workers to share and collaborate on a variety of documents.  It also includes MS Lync (instant messages, video conferencing) to help everyone stay in touch.

Córas IT began trialling Office 365 as soon as it was launched, and quickly became convinced by it, and have now moved all emails over to it. The sheer convenience of being able to check and send emails anywhere or on almost any device was a winner.  You can have you familiar Outlook on your desktop in the office, or open Outlook on your laptop whilst ‘on the road’ and see exactly the same things.  Alternatively, you can view them on any PC (or Apple) with an internet connection, and any of wide range of browsers – not just Internet Explorer, but Safari, Firefox, Opera etc.  Not only that, but Office 365 works with most popular smart-phones including the Blackberry and iPhone.

Starting at a very affordable £4 per user per month, with no up-front costs, it is extremely good value for any business.

Sign up a free trial (10 users for 30 days) courtesy of Córas IT

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  1. Patrick

    This can be an issue ceratinly with the smaller outfilts. There are usually ways of keeping a copy of the data on your own computer, or taking a copy for yourself. However this usually involves doing things manually; and can be time consuming.

    Microsoft are probably safe from going bust for some years yet, (and I am sure over time providers will take such concerns on board and provide an automated way of backing up your cloud data to a 3rd party provider).

    One thing to bear in mind for legality under Data Protection Legislation – your service provider must be either EU based or a member of the US Dept. of Commerce’s ‘Safe Harbor’

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