The Computer Problem Phone Scam

This is a variation on the ‘Phishing email’.  Someone phone up out of the blue and says something along the lines of “I believe that you have a problem with your computer?”  My wife recently took a call from someone purporting to be from “Windows Security”.

Then a couple of days back, I made a one hour support call to an established client, and soon after I left, he had a support call from “Global Computer Maintenance Department”  The opening line was along the lines of ‘I am phoning about the problem with your PC”.  My client explained that it had been sorted and rang off.  However they phoned back a few minutes later; this time more insistent and even aggressively; saying “You don’t understand; there is a serious problem with you computer, it is going to crash in two weeks unless we sort it now!”  In the meantime my client has the checked the outfit on Google and found much discussion on the outfit and the fact that it was a scam.

If one checks their name ‘Global Computer Maintenance Department” on Google there are posting on several forums about them, From these forums it appears that they suggest fixing your computer using remote access for a fee.  $29.99.  See

……. So you are going to allow a complete stranger full access to your system AND give them your credit card details!  From the forum postings they seem to have been running this for some time – so they are obviously encountering enough gullible individuals to make it worth their time! 

Ask them questions

From my experience most scam callers ask you for (personal) information from the outset, so my response to ask them a few questions.

For Instance:

I am tied up just now; what number can I call you back on?

Great!  I have a friend who could use your services.  What is your phone number?

So you know that I have an infection so are you able to tell me the make of my computer or my operating system?

How did  you manage to associate this phone number with my IP address?

Where is your company based, what is your address?

When you ask them for information they quickly hang-up.

However a large number of computer users may be taken in by these calls and the pressure applied.  A statement like “Your computer is going to fail” will worry some people enough go along with the caller.  I come across a large number of computers users, both home users and in business who readily admit that they “find them a complete mystery”.  It is this ignorance that malicious websites, phisers and people at the other end of these scams take advantage of.

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  1. I received a call with something along these lines today, didn’t catch the name of the company, but the guy had a heavy Indian accent.

    Apparently I had a problem with my computer. I asked which computer they thought I had a problem with and the guy said “It’s either your computer or your laptop”. I said I didn’t have a computer or a laptop. He said “F*** you” and hung up. Nice…

  2. I have had these people calling me twice. Like your psot, the second time she was very aggressive. Both had Indian accents and were calling from overseas. Refused to answer questions. I ended up telling them to f…off.

  3. […]  A senior citizen couple whom I know were phoned the other day by a company called Quick Resolve; although initially they introduced themselves as ‘Windows Maintenance Department” or similar (see Phone Scam). […]

  4. I am glad that you shared your experience with this fraudulent activity. This will serve as an inspiration and model to others so that they will not be a victims of those individual that has nothing to do in their lives. I hope the government can stop this kind of activity, I am sure that there are already numbers of people who fall on their false acts.

  5. 21 sept 11 had a call from someone saying they where from global computing and my computer had a problem they had me go on a website teamviewer and get a password

  6. i was contacted by global computer maintenance department on july 2 telling me that my computer had been infected and if i did not get it fixed right now it was going to crash. im NOT computer savvy so i fell for it and gave out information i shouldnt have.. come to find out that THEY ARE A SCAM..I HOPE THEY GET CAUGHT AND IF ANYONE GETS A PHONE CALL FROM SOMEONE TELLING THEM THEIR COMPUTER IS AT RISK.. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT FIRST.. LUCKILY I WAS ABLE TO STOP ANY FURTHER ACTIONS AND CANCEL MY INFORMATION BEFORE THEY ROBBED ME.. I KNOW BETTER NOW……….

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