Who the spammers are really targeting!

Today I received a possible court summons to appear as a witness by email.  It claimed to be from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS); but was obviously a spam email – quickly confirmed by the use of the word Subpoena’ more usually called a ‘Summons’ in the UK.  This was confirmed when I hovered over the link “Start Time and Case Details”.This pointed to a PHP file on a WordPress based site: – http://elkebilger-massagen(DOT)com/wp-includes/Requests/Transport/f5l29nc0ko5uqq/nenujkdv.php ‘.   I suspect that it had been placed there surreptitiously.
As an IT person, my antennae are always alert to possible spam, and I am initially suspicious of any unusual or unexpected emails.  However, an innocent at large may be intrigued or even worried by this email and be tempted to follow the link and find out more.

Other emails appear to offer a tempting employment opportunity, and for someone who is struggling to make ends meet, this may be too tempting.  They want to click the link and find out more.  Thus the main targets of spammers are the vulnerable and the desperate*.  As such,  the spammers are no more than callous and indifferent bastards!

{*Also include in those two categories; the worried, the intrigued, the gullible. the young; and the weekend surfers.}

The Golden Rule:

Never follow a link or open an attachment in a suspicious email.

As a result, you may find your computer locked or your files encrypted, until you cough up (ransomware).  Equally nothing may seem to happen on the surface, but software is installed in the background to capture passwords, or turn your laptop into a robot sending out more spam.

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