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Spam aimed at Office 365 Users

I had this email through this morning. For about a second, I almost believed it! I know that currently Microsoft are making a number of improvements to Office 365.


Of course, it began “Dear Enquiries” and of course Microsoft know my name. It purports to come from my own business domain I can see the psychology here: –
Let us imagine that a person called George works for Acne Services, and his email address is It would begin ‘Dear George’ and appear to from “” and hence probably the IT department. If you are an Office 365 user you need to alert your staff or colleagues to this type of scam.

Note the bit about “trusted sender” as well. 🙂

I obviously didn’t try the link, but it doesn’t point to Microsoft instead the link shown is this:
Although I have copied the link it is disabled. By the way ‘.ml’ is the top-level domain name for Mali. But don’t blame them; these baddies will hijack a domain or website often without the genuine owner knowing.