Targeted rather than a Blunderbuss

Localised Spam

In recent days, I have received a couple of examples of what I can only call ‘localised spam’. The first was from an SEO business in Macclesfield but was directed to a personal account rather than my business.
The second was from a Altrincham based IT Support company called ‘Black JJ’ – so quite local to me. What alerted me was the fact that I got multiple versions, to various personal accounts. Each claimed to have an Invoice (for varying amounts) attached as a PDF file. In fact it was a zip file. Each email gave the company phone number, when I checked out the website it was a genuine business and the phone numbers were correct.
By 10 am their phones were answered by a recorded message stating that a rough email server was masquerading as them.
As a ‘one man band’ I know what businesses I am dealing with, so a strange email is instantly suspicious. But for business with half-a-dozen or more employees, members of staff may think the email is genuine and click on the attachment.
The local nature of these may be pure coincidence. BUT if the spammers not merely have an email address but also have some idea of where that innocent recipient lives, that would be worrying

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