Whitelisting – Why?

In an earlier blog, I gave my opinion on email blacklists (against).  One of these is Uceprotect.

This has 3 levels of protection, and at the highest of these (Level 3) it actually has the audacity to include in its blacklist ALL the IP addresses of  an internet service provider (ISP) if as few as 0.2% of the IP addresses which that provider issues have been found to be sources of span.  This means that the other (innocent) 99.8% get punished as well.  This is a bit like keeping the whole class in because a one boy has mis-behaved.  Uceprotect even admits that it can damage innocent users – see http://www.uceprotect.net/en/index.php?m=3&s=5

Who are these people, and WHAT gives them the right or justification to do this?  Sure they try to justify this draconian action by saying that it is up to the ISP to get their house in order and punish the naughty boys.  The ‘naughty boys’ concerned are almost certainly not deliberate spammers, but your average surfer with very limited technical know-how and  who doesn’t realise that his machine has been compromised.

Protection Racket

However, they do offer a way-out, but only for users with a static IP addresses, which is NOT the vast majority.  But should you have a static IP addresses you can subscribe to WhiteListed.org/ for which one is charged 15 euros for a single month or 45 euros a year.  Does this seem to anyone else a bit like a ‘protection’ racket?

Even if you do pay up it only seems to cover this Uceprotect, not the other hundren blacklists that one may appear on.

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