Spam aimed at Office 365 Users

I had this email through this morning. For about a second, I almost believed it! I know that currently Microsoft are making a number of improvements to Office 365.   Of course, it began “Dear Enquiries” and of course Microsoft know my name. It purports to come from my own business domain I can […]

A Driving Licence for the Information Super Highway

When you speak with a car owner (any car owner); they will know the marque and model they own, the engine capacity, whether it is diesel or petrol. They may probably know what mpg they are achieving. However speak with any computer user and ignorance reigns. If they have a problem with something on the […]

Cloud Computing on the cheap… on the “very-very-cheap”

One of the big positives about cloud computing is reducing costs.  As mentioned in another post, one of the savings is that smaller leaner equipment can be used, such as tablets and very basic PCs;  because the data storage and much of the processing in done in the cloud. I am pleased to report as […]

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