More Memory gives new lease of life.

One problem which clients frequently complain of these days is a slow running PC.  On examination the situation is one of insufficient memory (RAM*). These are generally older PCs running Windows XP, which shipped with either 256MB or 512 MB of RAM.  This was adequate in the early days of XP, but with advent of Service Pack 3 it now has a much bigger footprint and needs more resources.  These machine are severely taxed, once you launch one or two programs. 

Fortunately memory, even the larger sized modules, is relatively cheap these days.  Depending on the configuration one can add an addition memory card or replace the existing ones, maybe quadrupling the available memory. This usually costs between £30 and £70 and takes 15 minutes work. 

Get your local IT support or computer shop to have a look at the machine. You will be impressed by the immediate improvement.

*RAM (Random Access Memory) is the working store of the computer in the form of electronic chips, as opposed to the disc drive where you store all you documents and photos.  An analogy would be that the disc is like the shelves of a library, whilst RAM is your desk which holds items that you are currently working on.

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